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Enroll mobile devices


Administrators can initiate and execute enrollments for modern managed devices, based on available user information in the Digital Workspace Platform. As mobile or modern managed devices are technically connected to the Enterprise Mobility Management component Matrix42 Silverback, we recommend to get first familiar with the basic management functionalities of Silverback.

Enterprise enrollments for mobile devices requires in most cases the creation of a One Time Password in combination with a Username, which will be provided to users as an overview and a scannable QR-Code e.g., for Android, iOS and iPadOS devices. The process of providing the information to users is also separated into two main different ways. One way is that users performing the enrollment through the Self-Service Portal, which is reachable from any device with a internet connection and a browser, e.g. under

Another way is an Administrator initiated process to create enrollments for specific users or perform the enrollment on behalf of the users, which is covered in this guide. In this case users are receiving a notification with their enrollment credentials and additionally Administrators can retrieve the credentials and the QR code to perform the enrollment. On desktop PCs like Windows or macOS the typical way for users is to perform the enrollment through the Self Service Portal, which guides users to execute the enrollment. For enrolling devices on behalf, Administrators can open on these devices, the activation page (e.g. from Silverback with a browser to perform the enrollment for users. In several enrollment flows, the explained principles are used, but there are also exceptions like enrollments through available Deployment Programs like Windows Autopilot, Apple Automated Device Enrollment or Zero Touch Enrollments for Android devices, as shown in the further documentation overview below. 

In a nutshell, adding mobile devices in the Unified User Experience leverages the following options:

  • Creation of a new pending enrollment 
  • Sending enrollment credentials to target users
  • Perform device enrollments for users 

Additional Information

Please refer to the following links to get familiar with the Silverback device management and before continuing with Initiate Enrollment

Platform Getting Started Guides for EMM Deployment Programs
Android Android Guide Android Enterprise 
iOS, iPadOS, iOS/iPadOS Guide Device Enrollment Program
macOS macOS Guide Device Enrollment Program
tvOS AppleTV Guide Device Enrollment Program
Windows 10/11 Windows 10 Guide Windows Autopilot / Azure AD Join

Unified User Experience

To initiate enrollments in the Unified User Experience, please perform the following steps:

Initiate Enrollment 

  1. Login to your Unified User Experience with Administrative credentials
  2. Navigate to Endpoint Devices and click +Add Mobile Device
  3. Select at least one of the available users and select if the device is a personal or a corporate owned device
  4. Finish the Enrollment Invitation with Send Invitation

Please make sure that the selected users are authorized to connect their devices. The selected users must either be part of the stored LDAP filter in the Silverback Web settings or alternatively exist as a local user in the system. The user(s) will receive an e-mail notification with the access data upon successful validation.

  1. Proceed with User Driven or Administrator Driven Enrollment 

Execute Enrollment 

Depending on the target achievement, the enrollment flow is divided and explained as following: 

User Driven Enrollment  

  1. All invited Users will receive a new Email with Enrollment Information based on the Admin Provisioned a Device Notification for User Email Template
  2. Users can now scan the QR-Code or follow the instructions given in the Email

Administrator Driven Enrollment  

Option 1: You are a Silverback Administrator 

  1. Silverback Administrators will receive by default a new Email with Enrollment Information based on the Admin Provisioned a Device Notification Email Template
  2. Administrator can now scan the QR-Code or follow the instructions given in the Email

Ensure to have the Receive Email Alerts checkbox enabled in the Silverback Management Console

Option 2: You are not a Silverback Administrator

  1. Switch to the Administration Application and navigate to Integration > Enterprise Service Bus > Remote Actions
  2. Search for Name Add Mobile Device and open the action preview
  3. Search for the following entry: Pending Enrollment created for Email with Otp p6tw
  4. To add a device on behalf to a user, open on the device the following adjusted URL:
  5. Enter the username and the OTP to download the profile. Follow the given device instructions. 
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