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Becoming a Matrix42 Marketplace Partner

What is Matrix42 Marketplace?

The Matrix42 Marketplace allows our customers to procure additional software functionality for our Matrix42 products. These software extensions are developed by our partners and Matrix42 and can be purchased or leased via the Internet. Sales and delivery of these extensions are also done via the Internet, which means we take over all administrative efforts. Our partners' products are their self-developed software products or exported configurations from Matrix42 products. Once the software products have been released by Matrix42, you as our partner may also enter and manage your software products on the marketplace.


Why become a Matrix42 Marketplace Partner?

As a channel-focused company we are putting our Partners first to become the Digital Workspace Management Leader. The Marketplace is an e-commerce platform that all Matrix42 customers use to look for new apps, integrations, connectors, workflows or processes to solve their IT and business challenges faster. As a Partner, you get the opportunity to sell your extensions for Matrix42 Workspace Management on the Marketplace. This will position you as an expert in the field to quickly generate new business. Matrix42 Marketplace not only provides the platform to sell your Extensions but also the infrastructure to distribute the extension and future updates to your customers.

Services for our partners

  • The Matrix42 First Level Support will qualify technical questions before forwarding them to you as a vendor.
  • We will facilitate your business by compiling quotes and invoices for your products.
  • Your products will be included in our Marketing efforts.
  • We send regular newsletters to all our customers.
  • We conduct Social media campaigns.
  • We invite you to participate in events.
  • You can benefit from our enablement program.
  • We provide customizing tools for accelerated onboarding.
  • You will have access to the whole Matrix42 customer base with your products.

How to sell your products over THE Marketplace

We provide  documentation on how to include your products in our Marketplace and Extension Gallery:

Matrix42 Marketplace Product Certification

Marketplace Partner Center Getting Started

Please note that this service is available as soon as you have signed our partner contract.

How to put products into THE Extension Gallery

Please see our documentation on the Matrix42 Extension Gallery Portal and the Matrix42 DevOps Portal.


  • Signed NDA and Marketplace contract
  • We charge a margin of 30%.
  • For Partner business the profit is divided in the scheme: 20%-20%-60%
  • Our billing is done quarterly.
  • We guarantee protection of customer and partner's data.
  • You are allowed to use Matrix42 logo and company name in your own advertisements.
  • The use of Matrix42 Marketplace will relieve you from legal liability.
  • You can choose between leaving us exclusive distribution rights or sell your products non-exclusively.

If you are interested in a partnership

  1. Contact Marketplace Team: Send an Email to with an introduction to your company and your products.
  2. In the meantime, Sign up in our account system. If you are already a partner of Matrix42 GmbH you may have already registered.
  3. You can also request a demo DWP environment here.
  4. Start our Certification progress.

How to get support

Please contact us under in case you need support in using our systems.

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