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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Extension Gallery (Frontend) & DevOps Portal (Backend)

What is the Extension Gallery? (Frontend)

Matrix42 comes with a brought ecosystem. Next to a large and international partner network it offers extensions and apps to extend the standard solutions to customer needs. Extensions are available right within the product through the Extension Gallery and can easily be installed with a single click. Extensions can be provided by Matrix42, partners or the community.

Extension Gallery Web Portal

To create your first control as a community extension in the Matrix42 Extension Gallery check out the following link: Web Portal 

What is the DevOps Portal?(Backend)

Provides developers and operational services functionality to support building, testing, publishing and deploying of Digital Workspace Platform Extensions  (Configuration Packages)

Why you should use Matrix42 DevOps Services to build your Digital Workspace Platform Extensions?

Choose Matrix42 DevOps Services when you want:

  • Quick setup
  • One consistent product lifecycle for all extensions
  • Easy collaboration across development and operations
  • Accelerate product rollouts and generate higher customer value
  • Analytics on how your extensions are used and possible issues

The Matrix42 DevOps Services are free to use and only require you to have a Matrix42 Cloud Account. (

Where do I start?

Either try out already published Digital Workspace Extensions with the Matrix42 Extension Gallery ( or start building your first extension with the Matrix42 DevOps Services: Create your first Сontrol as a Community Extension

Links to helpful documentation can be found in our Learning Paths for_Partner_and_Customers page.

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