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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Managing Accounts


Accounts are user accounts that identify persons who work with Matrix42 Workspace Management. Usually, they belong to the Active Directory domain and should be assigned to employees. User accounts can be members of one or more Active Directory groups.


  • Assigned Person: the employee who owns this user account. Start typing the name or click the search icon to choose from the available in the system Person profiles;
  • Display Name: displayed name of the user account;
  • Domain: fully qualified name of the AD domain to which this user account belongs;
  • User Logon Name: logon name for Active Directory;
  • Description: additional information about the AD account;
  • Canonical Name (Active Directory): full path of user account in Active Directory;
  • Deny Workspace Management Logon: select this check-box to deny access of this AD account to Matrix42 Workspace Management;
  • Status: state of the user account in Active Directory;
  • Account is Locked: informational field. The selected check-box denotes that the user account in Active Directory is locked;
  • Valid until start of: select this checkbox and enter the date when the validity period of the user account will end;
  • New Password, Password Repeat: enter the new password of the user account if you want to change it with the Reset Password function. Please note that you can use this functionality only if the domain is synchronized by using the Active Directory Connector. All rules for the complexity of passwords should be satisfied;
  • User has to change password at next logon, User cannot change password, Password never expires: values of these fields can be edited by using the Reset Account action.

Other settings

The Address, Telephone Numbers, Organization, Profile, and Environment dialog pages represent the information from the Active Directory. When you edit this data in Matrix42 Workspace Management, all changes are synchronized with the Active Directory.



Computers that are assigned to user accounts according to Active Directory.

AD Groups

Active Directory groups to which the user account belongs.


The following actions are available for the Account:

  • Reset Account: opens a wizard where you can unlock the account and change the account password. Specify the following settings in order to Reset Account:
    • Log out from all Software Asset & Service Management Sessions: select the check-box if necessary;
    • Person: choose the relevant e-mail address;
    • Unlock Account, Account: select the Unlock Account check-box and an account for which this action should be performed.
    • Reset Password / Keep existing password: choose the necessary option. For the Reset password additionally specify:
    • New Password: provide a new password.
    • User has to change password at next logon, User cannot change password, Password never expires: select necessary checkboxes to define additional parameters for this account.
  • Generic actions: