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AD Group


Active Directory group is a collection of Active Directory objects. Active Directory groups can contain one or more user accounts, and each user account can be a member of two or more groups. Active Directory groups are typically used with the Active Directory Data Provider.

This page provides an overview of the configurable AD Group properties.

AD Groups are available in Master Data application → Groups menu → AD Group page:



  • Organizational Unit, Cost Center and Location: If you create a new AD group, you can link to the related organizational unit, cost center, and location.
  • Domain: Active Directory domain to which this group belongs;
  • Group Name: name of the group in the Active Directory;
  • Description: additional information about the group;
  • Status: state of this group in the Active Directory;
  • Scope/Type: scope and type of group;
  • Notes: additional information about the group.

Other settings

Additionally, you can add user Accounts, other AD Groups, and Devices that are a part of this Active Directory group. 


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