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How to Speed Up Creation of New Contracts and Contract Items


When filling in a dialog for a new purchase contract, a user does not need to enter all values manually. If this contract has a parent agreement, it is recommended to select this agreement in the corresponding field first. After a parent agreement is selected, the system offers to apply values of the parent agreement to the current new contract. If a user clicks Yes, significant number of values will be filled in. This feature is activated each time when a parent agreement is manually selected in the dialog. If a current contract already has some data filled, it will be overwritten with the parent agreement's values.

The same feature is activated in a contract item dialog when selecting a parent purchase contract.

Which Values Are Applied from a Parent Contract

Data on the General and Period tabs of a purchase contract/contract item will be updated if the corresponding data is provided in a parent agreement.

The following fields will be filled in on the General tab:

  • Organizational UnitLocation, and Cost Center
  • Closing Date (applicable for purchase contracts only)
  • Title
  • Business Partner
  • External Reference
  • Legal System, Place of Jurisdiction, and Other Place of Jurisdiction (applicable for purchase contracts only)
  • Internal Signer (applicable for purchase contracts only), Internal Contact, and External Contact

The following fields will be filled in on the Period tab:

  • Effective Date, Expiration Date, and Contract does not expire
  • Renews upon expiration, Renewal Period, and Time Unit
  • Expiration reminder, Days in Advance, Reminder Recipient, and records in the Reminder Copy grid
  • Period of Notice, Time Unit, By, Not Before (values related to terms of cancellation)
  • Cancellation reminder, Days in Advance, Reminder Recipient, and records in the Reminder Copy grid
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