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Managing business partners


Companies that are listed as business partners may be suppliers or manufacturers in Licenses, Contracts, and Assets.

Business partners are located in the Master Data application.

Navigation groups business partners based on their roles in the system:

  • The Business Partners root navigation item displays all business partners from Suppliers, Manufacturers, Software Publishers and Customers navigation items.
  • Suppliers displays business partners that are marked as Supplier.
  • Manufacturers displays business partners referenced by stock keeping units.
  • Software Publishers displays business partners referenced by relevant or reported software products.
  • Customers displays business partners that are marked as Customer.

How to create a business partner

You can store the essential information about a business partner in the following fields on the General tab.

  • Name
  • Short Name. Customary short name of the company.
  • Status. The Inactive status can be used for former business partners with which an active relationship no longer exists.
  • Valid From/Valid Until. If the business partner should be used for a limited period of time only, enter the period dates here. Otherwise, leave the fields blank.
  • Internal Account. Identification number of the business partner in your purchasing system.
  • External Account. Your identification number in the business partner's system.
  • Customer/Supplier/Manufacturer. Select the relevant checkboxes. Please note that "Supplier" is used  as a filter in some referencing fields like "Supplier" in edit form of License.
  • Contact Data. Fill in this section with the contact information of the business partner.
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