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Hyper-V, XenServer and vCenter Inventory Attribute Mapping

Attribute Mapping for Virtual Inventory Data Providers

This article contains the attribute mapping for the Inventory of Citrix XenServer, Inventory of Microsoft Hyper-V, and Inventory of VMware vCenter Data Providers. It lists all attributes of the Computer configuration item that are imported or updated by the inventory.


  • Each Data Provider tries to match incoming hosts and virtual machines with computers that exist in Matrix42 Workspace Management. For matching a Data Provider uses incoming computer names, domain names, the vmId field for virtual machines, and an IP address if it is part of a domain name. If no match is found, a new computer record is created. Then computers are updated with incoming data.
  • If a host or a virtual machine is not present in the snapshot because it has been deleted, the Data Provider marks its status in Matrix42 Workspace Management as "Unknown" or sets to another value that is selected for deleted machines in the Data Provider configuration.

  Inventory of Microsoft Hyper-V and Inventory of VMware vCenter

XML Entity XML Element Data Definition Attribute Note
CurrentTime SPSComputerClass​Base LastScanDate  
ScanedHostName     Used in values of the Domain and VCenter
Host HostName     Used in values of the DNSName and IpAddress
Hyperthreading​Active SPSComputerClass​Base Hyperthreading​Active  
Management​ServerIp     Used in value of the IpAddress attribute.
VMHostId SPSComputerClass​Base DeviceId  
DnsAddress SPSComputerClass​Base DNSServerList Semicolon-separated list of DNS addresses.
DomainName SPSComputerClass​AD Domain Relation to a domain if a match has been found in the Workspace Management database. It is also used in value of the DNSName attribute.
DomainName SPSComputerClass​Base WindowsDomainName  
HostPowerState SPSComputerClass​Base PowerState  
Version SPSComputerClass​OS Version  
Manufacturer SPSAssetClassBase ManufacturerName  
Model SPSAssetClassBase Model  
Model SPSComputerClass​Base MBModel  
CpuModel SPSComputerClass​Base Processor  
CpuSocketsNumber SPSComputerClass​Base ProcessorCount  
PhysicalThreads SPSComputerClass​Base ThreadsCount  
PhysicalCpuCores​Num SPSComputerClass​Base AmountProcessorCores  
CpuClockRate SPSComputerClass​Base ProcessorClock  
MemoryTotalGb SPSComputerClass​Base Memory Value is converted to megabytes.
VMKernelGateway SPSComputerClass​Base IPGateway  
AppManufacturer SPSComputerClass​OS Manufacturer  
AppName SPSComputerClass​OS Name  
SerialNumber SPSAssetClassBase SerialNumber Attribute is mapped only for the Inventory of Microsoft Hyper-V Data Provider.
  SPSComputerClass​Base Name HostName
  SPSComputerClass​Base DNSName HostName.DomainName
  SPSComputerClass​Base IpAddress Either IP address parsed from HostName or ManagementServerIp.
  SPSAssetClassBase ManagementType Set to "VirtualInventory" if a computer has been created by the virtual inventory.
  SPSComputerClass​Base VCenter Relation to a vCenter server retrieved from ScanedHostName.
  SPSCommonClass​Base State Computer state is set to "Active" unless another value is specified in the Data Provider configuration.
  SPSComputerClass​Base Host Relation to the current host machine that is set for all underlying virtual machines.
DestinationHost SPSComputerClass​HostHistory DestinationHost​Name  
DestinationHost SPSComputerClass​HostHistory DestinationHost Relation to a destination host machine.
FinishDate SPSComputerClass​HostHistory ScanDate  
VirtualMachines VmName      
VmPowerState SPSComputerClass​Base PowerState  
GuestIps SPSComputerClass​Base    
DnsName SPSComputerClass​Base DNSName  
VmId SPSComputerClass​Base VirtualDeviceId  
ProcessorCount SPSComputerClass​Base ProcessorCount  
CoresPerSocket SPSComputerClass​Base AmountProcessorCores  
NumberOfLogicalProcessors SPSComputerClass​Base ThreadsCount  
MemoryAmountGB SPSComputerClass​Base Memory Value is converted to megabytes.
SerialNumber SPSAssetClassBase SerialNumber  
    SPSComputerClass​Base Name Value is retrieved from VmName or DnsName. Otherwise it is set to "Unknown".
    SPSComputerClass​Base IpAddress Value is retrieved from either VmName, DnsName or GuestIps.
    SPSComputerClass​Base Ipv6Address Value is retrieved from GuestIps.
    SPSComputerClass​AD Domain Relation to a domain if a match has been found in the Workspace Management database.
    SPSAssetClassBase ManagementType Set to "VirtualInventory" after a virtual machine has been created by the virtual inventory.
    SPSCommonClass​Base State Virtual machine state is set to "Active" unless another value is specified in the Data Provider configuration.