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How to Change Status for a Master Contract

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Table of Contents


A master contract is a declaration of intent between contract parties that concerns the provision of services. The master contract outlines the terms that will govern actual agreements between parties.

Its status is crucial for the lifecycle of a contract.  You can manage the master contract's status only by using the Change Status action. The status of the related contract items will be updated correspondingly.

For additional information, please refer to this table.


  1. Open the Master Contracts navigation item in the Contracts application.
  2. Select one or more master contracts.
  3. Click the Change Status action. The wizard opens.
  4. Select a new status. For the Canceled status, you also need to select a date in the Canceled by field. If the current date or a date in the past is set, the contract status will become Expired
  5. You can enter additional information in the Comments field.
  6. Click Change Status to apply your changes.
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