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Validate the System After an Update


Perform a functional test with highest care. Please note that all areas should be touched by your tests to ensure that the application is running properly, e.g.:

  • Log on to the console
  • Log on to the portal
  • Run the connectors
  • Run the GDIE imports
  • Open the reports (including the License Management reports)

Check All Important Customizings

Pay special attention to the following things, if these have been customized in your installation:

  • Changed display strings of product-defined pickup value
  • Changes of product-defined tabulators
  • Changes of product-defined structures
  • Changes of product-defined actions and action groups
  • Changes of product-defined display strings of wizards and wizard pages
  • Changes of product-defined and custom GDIE Import Definitions
  • Changes of product-defined and custom security roles and groups
  • Changes of product-defined and custom compliance rules

Back Up the Application

To back up the application, follow these steps:

  1. Back up the %programfiles%\Matrix42\Matrix42 Workplace Management directory.

Please pay special attention to the %programfiles%\Matrix42\Matrix42 Workplace Management\Web\web.config file, as you may need to reapply the contained configuration to the application after the update procedure.

  1. Take the databases offline and perform full backup of the following databases:
  • M42STORE
  • Matrix42 Service Store (Analysis Services)

Database names may differ, if you renamed them by using the Configuration Wizard.

  1. Back up all reports that are part of customizing.

For assistance on performing backups, please refer to the respective SQL Server documentation of Microsoft. 

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