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Release Notes for Generic Inventory Data Provider

Generic Inventory Data Provider

Import of AUT data

Application usage tracking data can now be imported using the extension.

Operating system information added as an installed application and a fingerprint

OS of a computer is imported as an installation and a fingerprint that are updated in case of updates of the OS.


  • Improved SQL queries for matching criteria.
  • Device status is updated based on the configuration settings if device has been removed and then is delivered again.
  • SPSInventoryClassBase.FirstScanDate is set when creating computers.

Generic Inventory Data Provider 1.23.3322.1

Extension for importing external computer inventory data

This extension supports building standardized integration of external computer inventory data. It is a computer inventory import framework for custom data providers. This extension provides all logic to store collected inventory data safely and consistently in the database of Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management.

Custom data provider and custom data collector workflow

The extension contains a template of the data collector workflow and an inventory data provider configuration which need to be set up to fetch data from an external source of your choice.

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