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Getting started with Generic Inventory


Generic Inventory data provider supports building standardized integration of external computer inventory data. It can be understood as a computer inventory import framework for custom data providers. This extension provides all logic to store collected inventory data safely and consistently in the database of Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management.

Builders of custom integrations need to develop the data collector workflow that connects with the external data source and retrieves the inventory data. The data must be transformed into a defined format that is processed by the Generic Inventory server workflow and imported into the ESM asset inventory database:

Generic Inventory Schema.png


The package is available as an add-on on the Extension Gallery. After installing this package, your Matrix42 Digital Workspace Platform will contain the following new objects:

  • Configuration CI
  • Server workflow incl. Generic Inventory WF activity
  • Data collector workflow template


To be able to import devices and their inventory from the chosen data source, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Create a data collector workflow from the provided workflow template
  2. Create a new data provider and fill in the inventory configuration
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