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MyWorkspace SaaS data provider attribute mapping


This article contains attribute mapping for the MyWorkspace SaaS data provider. It lists all attributes that are imported or updated by the data provider for subscriptions managed as licenses in the system and subscribers. Subscribers are imported as a multi fragment of the license object.

This data provider supports importing information from Microsoft 365 Admin Center and Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Information is cached in MyWorkspace on a daily basis (Midnight CET/CEST). 
Any changes in the provider's administration portal that occur after the first import on a particular day will only be imported with an import on a following day. 


New subscriptions are matched to the already imported ones by the SourceID attribute.

Source Attribute/Transformation Target Data Definition Target Attribute Note
Id LCMCloudSubscriptionClassBase SourceID Key for Import
SkuId LCMCloudSubscriptionClassBase SKU_Id  
SkuPartNumber LCMCloudSubscriptionClassBase PID  
SkuPartNumber SPSAssetClassBase Name  
SkuPartNumber SPSAssetClassBase ManufacturerOrderNumber  
"100" (literal value) SPSAssetClassLicense Type Display value is "Software as a Service (SaaS)".
Data Provider Configuration: TenantID LCMCloudSubscriptionClassBase Office365TenantId  
Data Provider Configuration: OU SPSCommonClassBase OU Ownership
Execution date of data provider  SPSCommonClassBase ValidFrom  
LCMCloudSubscriptionClassBase ChangedDate  
IF PrepaidEnabledUnits >= 1,000,000 THEN 1
SPSAssetClassLicense PurchasedCountInfinite 1 = Unlimited Subscription
IF PrepaidEnabledUnits >= 1,000,000 THEN 0
ELSE PrepaidEnabledUnits  
SPSAssetClassLicense PurchasedCount  
"Software as a Service (SaaS)"
(literal value)
SPSAssetClassOrder OrderNumber  
CapabilityStatus LCMCloudSubscriptionClassBase CapabilityStatus

Relation to LCMCloudSubscriptionPickupCapabilityStatus:

1 = Enabled
2 = Warning (30-days user grace period)
3 = Suspended (90-days admin grace period)
4 = Deleted
5 = Locked Out
6 = Other

ConsumedUnits LCMCloudSubscriptionClassBase ConsumedUnits

Number of license units assigned to user accounts. Cannot be higher than purchased (PrepaidEnabledUnits).

Difference of these two values is number of currently available license units (paid but not used).

PrepaidEnabledUnits LCMCloudSubscriptionClassBase PrepaidEnabledUnits License units purchased with the subscription.
PrepaidWarningUnits LCMCloudSubscriptionClassBase PrepaidWarningUnits

Number of expired license units during 30-days grace period (users can still access services and data) before they are suspended.

Not available with Adobe Creative Cloud; therefore, the value is always "0" for it.

PrepaidSuspendedUnits LCMCloudSubscriptionClassBase PrepaidSuspendedUnits

Number of expired license units during 90-days grace period (only admins can still access data) before they are deleted together with all data.

Not available with Adobe Creative Cloud; therefore, the value is always "0" for it.

"1" (literal value) LCMCloudSubscriptionClassBase AppliesToUser Subscriptions are always "user-based".


New subscribers are matched to the already imported ones by the SourceID and MailAddress attributes.

Source Attribute/Transformation Target Data Definition Target Attribute Note
MailAddress LCMCloudSubscriptionClassAccount MailAddress Key for Import
MailAddress LCMCloudSubscriptionClassAccount Subscriber Relation to the person, based on MailAddress.
SubscriptionId LCMCloudSubscriptionClassBase SourceID ID of the subscription.
Execution date of data provider  LCMCloudSubscriptionClassAccount LastSyncDate  

A subscriber is marked as "isActive = true" as long as being assigned to the subscription.  When the user account is not subscribed anymore, the subscriber's record  is deleted unless there exists a license requirement record. In this case, the account is market as "isActive = false". Background processing of license management will remove the account as soon as the minimum entitlement period has expired.  

Technical details

Access to Microsoft 365 admin data is implemented using Microsoft's Graph API v1.0. For more details, refer to Overview of Microsoft Graph

Access to Adobe Creative Cloud admin data is implemented using Adobe's User Management API. For more details, refer to Overview of Adobe UMAPI.

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