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Uninstalling the Microsoft 365 Inventory data provider


You can remove the Microsoft 365 Inventory add-on by using the standard Uninstall Package action.

In the Administration application, go to Extensions > Installed Packages, click Microsoft 365 Inventory in the grid and run the Uninstall Package action. A wizard will open where you can uninstall the package.

What data is removed and what is left

Uninstallation of the extension deletes the following objects:

  • The Microsoft 365 Inventory data provider and all of its configurations;
  • The Matrix42 - Microsoft 365 Inventory - Data Collector and Matrix42 - Microsoft 365 Inventory workflows.

The following records are still present in the system after the uninstallation:

  • SaaS subscribers and subscriptions;
  • The Microsoft 365 (Microsoft 365 Inventory (Delegated)) service connection and tenant.
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