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How the dependency mapping works

When you run the Show Dependency Map action for a selected object, a wizard opens. It displays a diagram of relations between the selected record and other records that are eligible for dependency tracking.

The Show Dependency Map action is available in the actions menu and in a dialog of an object.


Right-click on any item to open the context menu where you can select one of the 5 layouts:

  1. Standard. The default layout distributes items evenly across the chart and uses links of a consistent length.
  2. Organic. Multiple components are grouped into circular arrangements with larger components in the center.
  3. Sequential. It is a display of a clear parent-child relationship between elements to convey a level of each element.
  4. Lens. Highly-connected items are put in the center while the less connected ones pushed into the periphery.
  5. Structural. The layout puts items with similar attributes together in fans.
  6. Radial. The root node is placed in the center and dependency nodes are arranged in a concentric circle.

If you right-click on an item and then select Show Details, the preview of this item will open. 

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