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Link Schema Setup to Open Approvals App


Users can receive links on the mobile devices with installed Matrix42 Approvals app from other sources, like email, or the link to the order details page can be sent directly. To open such links in the Matrix42 Approvals they should have a specific structure depending of the mobile platform.

Setup Link Schema withorderObjectIdto open Approvals app.

Link Schema Setup for iOS

Use the following pattern:


Example: m42svsapprovals://showorder/782e1c7-340h1-1238x-1231

Link Schema Setup for Android

Use the following pattern:


Example: https://m42approvals.showorder/782e1c7-340h1-1238x-1231

Image as a link

Using an image as a link to the corresponding mobile platform is an easy way to find out which link you need to tap.  We recommend using images because of the different URL schemas for different mobile platforms.

You can use one of these images:

SVS-ICON-Rec-Android-001.png SVS-ICON-Rec-Android-002.png SVS-ICON-Rec-Android-003.png


SVS-ICON-Rec-Apple-001.png SVS-ICON-Rec-Apple-002.png SVS-ICON-Rec-Apple-003.png

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