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Introduction to managing the employees' data

To store and manage the information about employees, you should use the person and user account configuration items.

Personal information about employees is maintained under Users > Persons in the Master Data application. Usually these records are filled with information from the Active Directory and can be updated later with information from other sources. Users > Accounts contain information about existing (AD) accounts. Here a N to 1 relation applies meaning that several user accounts can be assigned to one person.


One person record and at least one user account record must exist for each employee in a company so that they can access Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management.

These configuration items are linked in such a way that each user account belongs to only one person. This way Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management uses the user account to determine which person logs on to the system or portal.

Each person is assigned to at least one user role. A person can be a member of several roles; in such a case, the rights of all assigned roles are accumulated.

User roles

Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management comes with predefined user roles. Each user role comes with specific rights that determine what can and cannot be done in the system. Each Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management person can be a member of one or more user roles. This ensures that each user is only allowed to modify or view data that is within his or her area of responsibility. The rights come into force as soon as the person logs on to Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management via an assigned user account.

Every person registered in Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management is automatically a member of the Everyone role. Members of the Administrators role have all permissions in the system. Additional roles may be defined for the individual modules of Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management.

User accounts

A user account is used to identify an assigned person who logs on to Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management. User accounts usually belong to an Active Directory domain and must be associated with an Active Directory user. User accounts can be members of one or more Active Directory groups.

To get more detailed information on these topics, please see the Persons and Account articles.

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