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Configuring and running the Adobe Data Provider

Setting up the configuration

To configure the data provider:

  1. In the Administration application go to Integration > Data Providers and open the Adobe data provider for editing.
  2. Edit the default configuration from the Configurations grid.
  3. On the General page:
  • Make sure the Enable import checkbox is selected.
  • Select the Adobe service connection in the Service Connection field.
  • Select Adobe in the Data Provider field.
  1. On the Settings page:
  • Select the organizational unit for which you want to import Adobe product profiles.
  1. Save the configuration.
  2. Run the Enable and Activate action for the data provider.

Checking the import results

Click the configuration of the Adobe data provider to open its preview.

The Last Result section of the preview shows if the import was successful or not. The preview also displays all jobs and workflow instances for the selected configuration.

You can also review jobs and workflow instances on the separate tabs of the configuration dialog.

After the successful execution of the data provider, you can also find XML files with imported data in the Matrix42 root folder under Messages/Data/Adobe/LastResult.

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