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Release Notes Data Protection 22.0 Update 1

About This Release

Endpoint Data Protection 22.0 Update 1 provides new and improved features that have been implemented. During the development of this version, we have been focusing on valued feedback from our customers and partners to provide an ideal feature selection.

New Features and Improvements

Please find all new features and improvements below:


  • Support of wildcards for AV process exclusions implemented.

Application Control

  • Now the already added trusted installers are highlighted in bold in the Search files dialog.

Bitlocker management

  • The options to encrypt the entire drive and just a used part of the drive were added to Product settings » BitLocker » BitLocker settings and Computer management » BitLocker » Drives.
  • Now the TPM availability is displayed under Computer management » BitLocker.

EgoSecure Agent

  • High DPI support for shell extension added.
  • Screen readers support for Tray - Power Management.
  • Support of long computer names. 
  • GUI improvements for Bluetooth devices.

EgoSecure Console

  • Revision for Administration » Servers implemented.
  • Possibility to export the Windows subsystem for Linux report.
  • Now it is possible to hide the area with an option description for MSI package options.
  • Customizable Console layout of the main menu.
  • Improvements for local user\computer revision.
  • Improvements the revision for MSI and Installation settings.
  • Improvements for documentation and texts in Permitted Bluetooth devices.
  • Improvements the revision for Insight Analysis.
  • The deleting of Agent log files via Console is now possible in the Cloud scenario. 
  • Warning about common settings for all tenants was added under Administration » Servers » Mail, proxy and others (syslog server settings).
  • The Disable file downloads option removed from User management » Settings » User settings (Internet).
  • Revision for Administration » Licenses » License management, for Administration » NAC, for Administration » Synchronization and for Administration » Clients added.
  • Revision for Administration » Administrator » Report export added.
  • Now the timeouts set under Administration » Clients » Client settings will apply after switching a tenant.

EgoSecure Server

  • Fixed an issue where Secure Audit data was not exported completely.
  • Fixed an issue where the database was no longer accessible after removing many objects from Administration » Synchronization » Deleted objects.
  • Fixed Issues with logs' collection in cloud scenario.
  • Fixed an n issue where the Save button remained active after switching tenants.

Full Disk Encryption

  • The TPM support option was removed from Product settings » FDE » Installation settings
  • Fixedn an issue when the ERI file exported from Console was not password-protected.

Network Share Encryption

  • Now it is possible to repeat the decryption of failed network folders.
  • Fixed an issue with saving unencrypted files on a network share when no encryption was required but CryptionInformer appeared.
  • Fixed an issue that caused different encryption statuses for one folder at the same time.

Secure Audit

  • EgoSecure Tray login and logout events are now audited separately from system logins/logouts.

Additional Information

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