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Recommended Initial Configuration

Applies for EMv6 & EMv7


Once you have licensed and set up the primary site in the Enterprise Manager, additional steps are required to be able to use the EM within your company. The following article describes the initial configuration of the Enterprise Manager.

Data import

Data import is mandatory to import the data from SCCM and the existing Active Directory/SQL database or Excel list. More information can be found in the article Data Import.


After the data import, you must go to "Teams" to create a team for each corporate user and allow all users to open the Enterprise Manager.

The following screenshot shows how to set up a team, e.g., "Everyone", and select an Active Directory group, where all employees are filed accordingly. Additional information on teams can be found here

It is NOT possible to use the Active Directory Group 'Domain Users' for this purpose!

Now you must start the "Teams" data import to fill the team you have created with users.

Computer groups

Similar to what you do with teams for users you must do with computer groups for computers. Please create a computer group, e.g., "All Computers". As can be seen in the following screenshot, all computers will be imported and a schedule for this group will be set. Additional information on computer groups can be found here .

How to assign permissions

To link the team you have created, as described above, and the computer group, you must assign the respective permission. To do so, you must use the "Permission Wizard". Additional information can be found here.

The following example links the team "Everyone" and the computer group "All Computers" with the predefined "User" role (which has only been granted "Home" and "My Account" permissions in the Enterprise Manager).

You have now completed all steps required to use the Enterprise Manager.

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