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How to Set up the Primary Site

Applies for EMv6 & EMv7.


To allow the Enterprise Manager to access the SCCM resources, a new "primary site" must be created. To do so, please go to the respective menu option under Administration - SCCM - Primary Sites - New Primary Site

A new window will open, where the SCCM parameters can be specified. These data only relate to the already installed SCCM environment to be linked! No EM database can be specified.

The SCCM account must be granted the following minimum permissions within SCCM: "Application Administrator", "Asset Manager", "Operating System Deployment Manager" and "Software Update Manager".

The account used to access the database must be granted the following minimum permissions: "db_datareader" and "db_datawriter". Additional information can be found here.

This is also where you can create the SQL link to the SQL Server of the EM. To do so, 'sa' permissions on the SQL instance are required. The account for creating the link is the SQL account specified during EM Server installation.

Primary site setup will fail, if no such sa permissions have been assigned.

The following screenshot shows the installation wizard where the SQL log-in has been specified:

After having entered the respective data, you must click OK to establish connection to SCCM. The status monitoring window provides an overview of all linked elements and a progress bar to inform you on the success or failure of the linking process.

Now go to "Administration - SCCM - Distribution Points" to synchronize the data and to display the SCCM distribution points of the specified primary site.

The following view is displayed if the EM DP has already been installed on these systems:

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