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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Service Bus V: Configure UUX

Add your Service Bus Configuration

  • Log in to Unified Endpoint Management with Administrator credentials
  • Click on the Launcher icon on the top right
  • Navigate to Unified Endpoint Management
  • Click Settings
  • Click Edit
  • Navigate to Service Bus Configuration in the left pane
    • Choose your Message Queuing System
    • Enable Is Enabled
    • Add your Subscription / Queue
    • Select your Service Bus Type
    • Enter your Topic / Exchange
    • Enter your Connection String
    • Press Save
  • Press Done
Settings Values Description
Service Bus Type
  • Azure
  • RabbitMQ
Here you can specify your message queuing system (Azure/RabbitMQ)
Is Enabled Enabled or Disabled Here you can turn on/off service bus.
Subscription / Queue e.g. matrix42.uux.subscription Here you can specify your broker subscription name.  Default value for the standard Matrix42 RabbitMQ installation is: uem.console
Topic / Exchange e.g. matrix42.suem.topic

Here you can enter your client topic name. Default value for the standard Matrix42 RabbitMQ installation is: matrix42.uem.topic

Connection String



RabbitMQ: All required information (Username, Password, Port, Server and VHost) can be retrieved from your RabbitMQ installation.

(Example: amqp://<user>:<password>@<serverhostname>/<vhost>).

Default value for the standard RabbitMQ installation is:


  • Press Save
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