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Windows 10 Guide IV: Create a Tag and assign it

Create a Tag

Please refer to our Administrator Guide Part IV: Tags for further information. In this Guide we will create a random Tag and assign it to your first device. 

  • Open your Silverback Management Console (e.g
  • Login as an Administrator
  • Navigate to Tags 
  • Click New Tag
  • Enter a friendly name (required)
  • Enter a description (optional)
  • In the Enabled Features Area
    • Enable Profile
  • In the Device Types Area (required)
    • Enable Windows 10
  • Click Save

Configure Windows Hello

  • On the left tab bar navigate to Profile
  • Navigate to Windows Hello
  • Enable Windows Hello Settings 
  • Configure Windows Hello to your convenience
Feature Description Values
Windows Hello Settings Activates Windows Hello Settings Enabled or Disabled
Require Security Device Defines if a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is required. If it is set to Disabled it will use the preferred mode. Devices attempt to use a TPM, but if not available will provision using software  Enabled or Disabled
Minimum PIN Length Defines the Minimum PIN length  4-127
Maximum PIN Length Defines the Maximum PIN length 8-127
Upper Case Letters Define if Upper Case Letters are allowed, mandatory or prohibited Allow, Require or Not allow 
Lower Case Letters Define if Lower Case Letters are allowed, mandatory or prohibited Allow, Require or Not allow 
Special Characters Define if Special Characters are allowed, mandatory or prohibited Allow, Require or Not allow 
Digits Define if Digits are allowed, mandatory or prohibited Allow, Require or Not allow 
History Defines, how many previous PINs can't be used. Default Value is 0, which means History is not activated  0-50 PINs
Expiration Defines the timeframe, when users will be forced to change the PIN. If set to 0, the PIN will never expire 0-730 days
Use Remote Passport Windows Hello provides the ability for portable, registered device to be usable as a companion device for desktop authentication Enabled or Disabled
Use Biometrics  Enable or disable the use of biometric gestures, such as facial recognition, fingerprint identification, or iris scan Enabled or Disabled
  • Press Save

Configure Exchange Active Sync 

  • Select the profile type Exchange ActiveSync
  • Create New Profile
  • Enter as Label Name e.g. Office365 
  • Enter as Server Name e.g. 
  • Click Save
  • If you want to edit Profile, click edit
  • If you want to remove Profile, click removed
  • If you want to enable or disable Profile, use the checkbox

By adding or editing a Exchange Profile Active Sync Profile, the tag will be automatically be saved. So please be careful when editing EAS Profiles. 

Assign the Tag

  • Navigate to Definition
  • Enable Auto Population

With this setting our new Tag will apply by default to all Windows 10 devices. 

  • For additional configuration please refer to our full document Auto Population
  • Click Save & Close
  • Confirm with OK

Next Steps

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