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Offline Installations

The UEM Agent checks the server availability during the start phase of the polling. If the UEM Agent is not able to connect to a server, it will go into an Offline Mode and stays there for the time of the installation phase. Obviously this mode has limitations. But the UEM Agent will still install software that is assigned if there is a downloaded version of the package in the local agent cache folder.

UEM Agent Version 2312.1.2 or later: If the connection breaks while checking for a newer script file on the server which is part of the installation cycle, the UEM Agent will also use the package version from the local cache.

Whenever a package gets updated without increasing the revision and/or version, the UEM Agent would still use the cached package if it is offline.
Although this might be a potential issue, it should not happen as long as package changes should always cause an increase of revision and/or version.

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