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Internal documentation

This document contains information which are not communicated to the customers (yet).

Blacklist / Exclude Files and Folders

As described in the main article, filters can be defined in the application's configuration file Matrix42.Empirum.SWM.DepotHelper.Service.exe.config or as command line arguments:

  • --exclude-files
  • --exclude-folders

Multiple file or folder filters on the command line have to be separated with the pipe sign "|".

Update Types

The Depot Helper supports two ways to update the file lists:

  • File watcher
  • Periodic update

The command line argument --update-type defines which update type to use. Valid values are "watcher" and "periodic". The default is "watcher".

Update Type "watcher"

The monitored folders are watched for changes. Once any changes to the files and/or folders in those folders are detected a recreation of the file list will be triggered.

Update Frequency

The file list is not written immediately after the changes were detected. There is a timer which checks if there were any identified changes and writes the updated file lists if necessary. The timer its interval can be configured in the configuration file with the key UpdateFrequency (the value is used as microseconds).

Seconds to wait after Buffer Overflow

In case of an InternalBufferOverflowException the file watchers will be disabled and enabled again. Additionally, all file lists in the monitored folders will be completely regenerated once. The time between exception and restart can be configured with SecondsToWaitAfterBufferOverflow in the configuration file (the value is used as seconds).

Update Type "periodic"

The update type "periodic" recreates the file lists of the monitored folders after a configured period of time periodically. The values are used as minutes.

Update "Patches" periodically

  • Key in configuration file: UpdateFrequencyPatches
  • Command line argument: --update-freq-patches
  • Default: 30

Update "User" periodically

  • Key in configuration file: UpdateFrequencyUser
  • Command line argument: --update-freq-user
  • Default: 2
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