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Endpoint Configuration I: Tags

Endpoint Configuration

Tags are used to configure and to secure endpoints over the modern management layer. Tags are containing Profiles, Policies and applications and the Tags view will list all the currently available tags within Unified Endpoint Management, even if they do not have any devices associated with them.  After the first installation of the Enterprise Mobility core system, Administrators will see so called System Tags for all supported operating systems. Please refer to Tags for additional information.


Column Name Description
Name The friendly name associated with the Tag.
Version Displays the items version. Versioning is not support for Tags.
Description Displays the general description of the Tag.
Active Assignments Displays the assignment count. When a Tag is added into 3 Assignments, the value 3 is displayed.
Installations Displays the Installation count for the Tag.
Object Type Identifies the Object Type as a Tag, Boot Image, or Software Package.
Management Type Identifies the Management Type as modern or classic. Tags are displayed as modern.
Status Displays the Status for Tags. By default Tags are set Operation.


By selecting a Tag, a preview pane will be displayed with several tabs and additional information about the Tag. 

General: Displays the Name, Managed by, Status, Description, and the supported platforms (OS Family and Operating System)


Details: Displays the Enabled Feature Set of a Tag (e.g. Policy, Apps, Content, Profiles), the Auto Population status (e.g. enabled) and if it a System Tag.


Devices: Displays the Installation Status information for devices and a assigned device overview


Assignments: Lists all assignments for the Tag. 


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