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Unified Endpoint Management 1906.0


  • UEM Console Home with dashboards of device and rollout information
  • Rollout Progress and Assignment overview dashboards
  • Rollout Progress in Assignment preview as pie chart
  • Enhanced Object list (Software Packages)
    • Number of installations on devices
    • Number of assignments where the object is part of
  • Rollout Progress
    • Assignment details show the progress of the rollout
    • Device details shows the progress of all assignments as % and numbers
    • Endpoint device list with rollout progress in % and color indicator/filter
  • Device details are separated in tabs for the overview, assignments and applications
  • Device logs can be displayed using Empirum Web Console (EWC) iframe which needs to be configured in UEM Console settings
  • Delete action deletes devices not only from Service Store but additionally also from Empirum
  • Devices only show assigned software part of active assignments
  • Device preview pane provides better overview using tabs
  • Build date shown in settings
  • Rollout progress, single device: Assignment groups shows number of assigned and of installed packages
  • Rollout end can be configured for an assignment
  • Assigned applications: Device preview shows a table of all applications assigned to it part of UEMC assignments
  • Device preview shows which assignments a device is part of
  • Postpone feature can be used for assignments, writes to Empirum via API
  • Distribution commands (install, update, uninstall) can be set for assignments
  • Computers and software packages can be added to existing assignments from endpoint devices and objects lists. Assignment settings (status, distribution commands and rollout start) will automatically be applied to the added entries. No additional activation or other setting is necessary 
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