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Unified Endpoint Management 1907.0


Release Date: 2019-07-26

Rollout Plan Usability Enhancements

  • The list of assignments shows if an assignment has an active rollout plan.
  • In the preview of an assignment with rollout plan it is shown how many devices are activated.
  • Rollout plans get activated only within the given time period between rollout start and rollout end.

User Roles

  • A new user role UEM Device Admins provides all rights on devices, read only on services and assignments.

Fixes and optimizations

  • Reduced system load when performing assignment progress calculations
  • Issue when installing on a Workspace Management installation with renamed master DB
  • Changed time for pre calculations of rollouts to 30 minutes

Known Issues

  • When installing the UEM Console the PowerShell execution policy on the Server needs to be set temporarily to “Unrestricted” for the installation.
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