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Disable a device managed in Empirum

To deactivate an device managed in Empirum, please proceed as follows:

  1. Open the UEM console.
  2. Enter a search term under Search Text (e.g., device name, user name, model or OS) as filter.
  3. Click the respective device. The right Device window displays all available device data.
  4. Click More and select Deactivation.

The following three options are available:

Remove software from configuration

Use this option to delete the distribution commands in the DDC files in the directory .\Empirum\Configurator\Values\ under MachineValues\< Domain> or UserValues\< Domain> respectively.

Remove operating system configuration

This option allows you to deactivate the assignment to an OS template. This must be done before you can move a device.

Remove PXE start command

Deactivates the PXE boot image.

  1. Confirm with Deactivate in the window at the bottom right.

Go to Activation/Deactivation to view additional information.

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