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Activate a device managed in Empirum

To activate a device managed in Empirum, please proceed as follows:

  1. Open the UEM console.
  2. Enter a search term under Search Text (e.g., device name, user name, model or OS) as filter.
  3. Click the respective device. The right Device window displays all available device data.
  4. Click More and select the required activation mode.

Three options are available:

Software configuration via "pull"

This option is used to set all entries in the %ComputerName%.ddc or %UserName%.ddc installation file for the assigned software and save them in the directory .\Empirum\Configurator\Values\ under MachineValues\<Domäne> or UserValues\<Domain> respectively.

Operating system configuration

An OS.ini file can be created, if the activated EMM device has been assigned operating system templates accordingly.

This option is not enabled for user activation, since operating system templates are only assigned to computers or groups.

PXE (reinstall computer)

The EMM device will start automatically during the next restart with the PXE boot image.

Additional information on activation can be found here.

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