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Configuring and running the generic inventory import data provider

Creating and configuring the generic inventory data provider

To set up a custom data provider:

  1. In the Administration application go to Integration > Data Providers and use the Add Generic Connector button to create a custom data provider (connector).
  2. Specify the name for your data provider.
  3. In the Import Workflow field, select Generic inventory provider workflow.
  4. Save the data provider.
  5. Now use the Add button in the Configurations grid and select Create New Inventory Connector Configuration.
  6. Fill in the General page:
  • In the Data Gateway field, you can choose a data gateway (and corresponding worker) if necessary.
  • Select Enabled.
  • Specify the account and password that will be used to connect to the source infrastructure/system.
  • Select the data collector workflow in the corresponding field.
  1. Fill in the Settings page:
  • Select the Create new computers checkbox to enable import of new computers. Otherwise, the data provider will only update existing computers.
  • Use the Status for New Computers drop-down field to select the status for computers that are imported for the first time.
  • In the Custom Workflow Parameters grid, you can add all parameters that will be used by workflows to collect and import the data. Use the Hide value checkbox for any parameter whose value needs to be encrypted in the database. Custom parameters and their values are passed inside the Custom Parameters variable to both server and client workflows. Workflows decrypt the hidden values.
  • In the Matching Keys grid, specify the matching rules for assets. Use the Priority field to set the sequence of matching where 1 is the highest priority. In the Expression field specify the attribute that should be used for matching. To set a matching key:
    • Use the following format: "SPSComputerClassBase.Name". ASQL expressions are not supported.
    • Use comma in an expression to combine several attributes with the AND operator.


  1. Fill in the Scanned Computers page. Conditions of this dialog page determine which computers are scanned according to this configuration (included in scanning) and which ones are skipped (excluded from scanning).
  • Automatically include computers matching following criteria (ASQL)/Automatically exclude computers matching following criteria (ASQL): Set the ASQL expression according to which computers should be filtered. The ASQL expression is based on the SPSAssetClassBase data definition.

Example: T(SPSComputerClassBase).Name like ‘SRV%’ (All computers where name starts with "SRV")

  • Use the grids to specify the list of relevant target computers manually.

When generating a list of machines to be scanned, the configuration considers both the ASQL expression and explicitly specified computers.

  1. Save the configuration.
  2. After you have set up the data collector workflow and filled in the configuration, run the Enable and Activate action for the data provider to import assets.

Monitoring the import results

Click the configuration of the generic inventory import data provider to open its preview.

The preview displays all jobs, workflow instances, and import logs for the selected configuration. By clicking links for separate import logs, you can see the details of importing each type of data.

You can also review jobs, workflow instances, and import logs on the separate tabs of the configuration dialog.

After the successful activation of data provider, you can also find XML files with imported data in the Matrix42 root folder under Messages/Data/Your custom provider name.