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Getting started with Service Management SaaS

First steps in your Matrix42 Service Management SaaS solution and links to the documentation on different topics. Matrix42 Service Management is part of Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management.


This article describe first steps with your Matrix42 Service Management SaaS solution and also offers links to the documentation of the different possibilities / topics.

If you have opened this page from your welcome E-Mail you should already have the required Information to login to your Service Management SaaS.

General Information

  • You can access your Landingpage by opening the URL 
    This page offers links to your registered products and also offers a varity of links to interesting Matrix42 Services and Informations
  • If you directly want to jump to your Service Management SaaS you can open the Link:

Getting Started


After your first login you should think about the Login method you're going to provide to your users. There are quite a few possibilities that you can configure. 

For Azure Active Directory (AAD) integration it is possible to use MyWorkspace as Identity Provider or use the native Integration with Version 10.0.1 and higher.

The following authentication methods are possible: 

Sending E-Mails

We provide a pre-configured SMTP Server with your Installation so you could start sending mails right away with your Service Management SaaS from Incidents for example. You can change this configuration at any time and replace it with your own SMTP Server if available from the internet. To configure Service Desk to receive E-Mails from a mailbox which is reachable from the internet follow this guide here.

We highly recommend to change the pre-configured SMTP Server to your own when you are using ESM productively. With the default SMTP Server provided by Matrix42 you cannot change the Sender E-Mail address which must end with, otherwise E-Mails will be rejected. You are also not able to change SMTP related settings or will be able to see logs, activity etc. 


If you want to start model and customize your Service Management SaaS you can start with two powerful tools that we offer to build use cases & workflows on your companies demand. 

  • Workflow Studio: This tool allows you to generate workflows based on your data to automatically trigger any desired things that you might need to fulfill almost any need of your use cases. This graphical tool can be downloaded in your Administration area. 
    You will find the download in your Administration > Services & Processes > Workflows Area. You need to install the Click-once Addon if you're using Chrome or any other Browser that is not IE (You'll find install link also in the same place). More details can be found in our Workflow Studio documentation here.
  • Solution Builder: You like to create new designs, new dialogs or new data fields? The options are countless when using the Solution Builder to design new Workspaces, Apps, Designs and more. The Solution Builder offers deep ways of customizing your Service Management SaaS in a graphical user interface within your Browser window. 
    Solution Builder can be started when in a context of an object. For example you could open Administration > User Interface > Layouts > Dialogs and highlight a Dialog you want to edit and click "customize", the Solution Builder will then Start in a new Window. This can be done for many object in Service Management. More details can be found in our Solution Builder samples documentation here.
Data Providers

Data Providers are connectors to other Systems which are able to import and transform data from those. If you have ordered another Matrix42 Product as Cloud Service which is capable of importing data, this connector is pre-configured and ready to use with default settings. You can change this anytime. More details about Data Providers are documented here.

When configuring Data Providers in the Service Management SaaS that should connect to Systems in your Infrastructure you always need to deploy a Data Gateway in your Infrastructure to be able to import data from your network to the Cloud Service.

Data Gateways

Matrix42 Service Management provides a set of tools and components for integration with any external system. It could be anything from ERP and CRM systems to SCV files on file share or endpoint devices for which the hardware and software inventory should be made. More information are documented here. An installation guide can be found here.