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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Version 3.20.0068



  • Remote Console: A Button has been added to deactivate the clipboard synchronization.


  • CEF Package (Chromium Embedded Framework) has been updated to Version 1.7.
  • When a session is locked, telephone conference participants can not join anymore. (MediaServer 1.1.5 update requried.)
  • Remote Console: "Perform auto update on all remote computers" has been deactivated in "Global Search", "Favorites" & "Last Used".


  • If the portal setting "Start with full screen mode enabled" was active while starting a RDP-connection from the remote-console, an empty white window could be visible.
  • An error in the file transfer has been resolved when transferring folders that already exist on the remote side.
  • From installed remote client version 3.20.0068 onward: An issue has been solved, that the Fast-Tray Icon could turn to "online" (green) while the session was still connected, if the Moderator used a differing module version.
  • An Issue has been solved, that the clipboard during remote control could be blocked incorrectly due to specific settings of the "Maximum file size in MB" portal option.
  • An error displaying the monitor tab, in combination with using the full screen mode has been resolved.
  • An issue has been resolved, that users without specific folder permissions, could trigger remote auto updates. (Additional Bugfix with Server Version: 3.1.8242.19276)


  • Additional bug fixes and improvements.



  • Some mouse controls could get temporarily stuck (for example "mouse-down") if dragging outside of the remote controlled area.
  • Fixed an issue for OSX moderators: Audio/video permissions for active and passive users have not been available for configuration, if HQ audio/video was active.

MediaServer (Audio/Video/Conference call)

  • Number of simultaneous videos (configurable) - OnPremise
  • Sound on join (personal, for all participants) - OnPremise/Cloud
  • Lock session function - OnPremise/Cloud

Outlook Plugin

  • Improvement for appointments



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