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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Version 3.25.0001



  • Improvement for transmitting keystrokes in customer specific applications / scenarios.
  • Remote Console: Offline Icons for Remoted Clients have been redisigned for better visibility.


  • Additional bug fixes and improvements



  • MacOS Remoted Client closes the Session if the LockKey is pressed (needs configuration in webportal), instead of just removing the Remote Control.

Server (3.4.8691.19908)


  • Server improvement for Remoted Clients with Version older than v3.23.0001, to prevent deactivation during a prolonged Error 10 (Status update failed). (This has also been fixed in Clients Version 3.23.0001 and newer.)


  • NATS Server to Server Messaging

    Starting with Version 3.4.8691.19908, “NATS Server to Server Messaging” is now in use, to rapidly communicate live updates between servers, such as Remoted Agent states, terminal server sessions, database changes, etc.

    Default Port:
    In a default configuration, Port 4222 is required to be available on the servers for communication. This Port can be configured in the settings.ini, but it has to be open in the firewall.


    Standalone On-premise Server: One Server Setup:
    If using only a single on-premise server, the NATS server can be disabled. The pubsub client can be configured as loopback client inside settings.ini.

    Please make sure to add the following entries to settings.ini, otherwise the server will not start.


    On-premise Servers should not have multiple (outdated) certificates stored, only the latest required certificate should be stored.

    Server Version 3.4 will currently not be available as AutoUpdate:
    Since a manual configuration is required for an initial NATS Setup, the Server Auto Update will currently not receive Server Version 3.4.

    Available Parameters for Configuration:

    ServerPublicAddress= # defaults to the ExternalAddress setting if not set
    NATSServerBindAddress= # all interfaces
    NATSServerTLSCertStore=WindowsLocalMachine # may be WindowsLocalMachine or WindowsCurrentUser
    NATSServerTLSCertMatchBy=Subject # may be "Subject" or "Issuer"
    NATSServerTLSCertMatch= # defaults to the ExternalAddress setting if not set
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