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Key Steps for Deployment


The following are the high level steps required in order to implement FireScope SDDM in the Software-as-a-Service model. Deploy Edge Virtual Machines – These will need to be able to reach the FireScope cloud over ports 5671, 18060, 18061 (all are TLS)

  1. Plan feed data flows (in order of ease of deployment and scope of data)
    • Netflow from Vmware VDS (sending to Edge VM, destination port 2100 UDP)
    • Netflow or sFlow from core switches (Netflow sending to port 2100, sFlow sending to port 6343 UDP) between users and core data center infrastructure
    • Mirror Port / TAP from selected switches (optional)
    • Promiscuous Mode from VMware if virtual distributed switches are not being used.
    • sFlow from Hyper-V
    • OS Sensors
  2. Setup Credentials (SNMP, Vmware) and IP Inclusions/Exclusions.  The solution will need read-only API access to VMware vcenter if VMware discovery will be used.  For SNMP, only read-only credentials (v1,v2 and v3 are supported)
  3. Discover Load Balancers via SNMP polling to identify VIPs and members
  4. Setup Network Topology, Vmware discovery scans
  5. Select Service Entry Points for Modeling
  6. Approve Relationships
  7. Configure Cherwell CSM Integration



Give some considerations such as system requirements or "gotchas" for this setting or control or programming syntax.

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