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Update Guide: Endpoint Data Proctection

Updating from older versions

Before updating to the latest version, check the compatibility with your installed Server and Agent version in the EgoSecure Installation Guide.

Agent version must never be higher than Server version!

Update procedure

Depending on the version, configuration and environment, the problems during an update may occur, which limits the software functionality on servers and endpoints. During an update, the EgoSecure Server, the database and the EgoSecure Management Console are updated. What is more, the MSI package becomes available to install the EgoSecure Agent client component and can be deployed immediately.

To avoid problems during update, we recommend to perform the update process in the following order:

1. Check and save the database
  1. Create a database backup before the update. For details, see Database migration
  2. To prevent the disk space from being insufficient during the update, configure the transaction log settings. For details, see Microsoft Docs: Troubleshoot a full transaction log
2. Disable automatic updates
  1. In the EgoSecure Console, navigate to Installation » EgoSecure agents » Installation settings.
  2. Under Download parameters, enable the option manually or schedule.
  3. Under Update parameters, enable the schedule option.
  4. Click Save.
3. Start update
  1. To ensure that you will be able restore the prior installation on the clients if needed, save the most recently used MSI package.
  2. Close the Console.
  3. Run the EgoSecureSetup_x64.exe file and follow the instructions.
  4. To check the functionality of endpoints, install the newly generated MSI package locally on a single computer and test the basic features you are using.
  5. Once the new Agent version is successfully tested, start the installation on the clients.
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