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22.0.0 (Main Release)

For details about system requirements, see the article Software and hardware requirements.

For details about installation and update setup, see the article Installation and Update.

Access Control

  • Added an option allowing to add network login exclusions by name. It allows to prevent massive performance problems appearing by multiple network logins. But it is still recommended to exclude logins by SID.
  • An issue where cloud firewall blocked the process MagentaCloud.exe after installing its update.


  • Now a computer with not supported ATC is considered protected.
  • An issue where network folders\files did not apply as antivirus exclusions after being recognized as threat and blocked.
  • An issue where mapped network folders\files were duplicated after adding to exclusions via drag-and-drop.
  • An issue where Antivirus blocked network files even though a network scan was disabled.
  • An issue where files were detected as false positives on a network share during the quick scan.

Application Control

  • Added a possibility to search all file types under Product settings » Applications » Application packages.
  • An issue where the Snagit software asked for a serial number every time when the Application Control product was enabled. 

egoSecure Agent

  • The Italian and Spanish localizations added.
  • The Close button added into the Secure Erase dialog with results.
  • Log file collection improvements.
  • Screen reader support improvements.
  • Keyboard navigation in popups.
  • An issue where Agent caused performance problems shortly after the Windows login.
  • An issue where the Agent log files were getting too large.
  • An issue where Agent was a reason of high CPU on Windows Server clients.

EgoSecure Console

  • Linux Subsystem can now be detected on EgoSecure Agents and reported to Console.
  • The behavior of automatic console update can now be configured.
  • Console layout can now be applied either for super administrators and administrators or administrators only.
  • Added the filter under Administration » Synchronization » Schedule.
  • Added a configurable option for saving entered user logins when connecting to Server.
  • Added details for messages under Revision.
  • 32-bit Console is no longer supported.
  • Improvements for displaying computers under Computer Management » BitLocker.
  • Directory service structure search improvements.
  • Improvements for exporting reports to PDF.
  • Deleted an automatic activation of client settings for the default computer after activating the individually defined settings under Administration » Clients » Client settings.


  • An issue with log when a computer name included letters of uppercase and lowercase.
  • An issue where the search function for the directory service structure did not work correctly.
  • An issue where Agent logs could not be collected via Console.
  • An issue when a status of selected clients in the installation area did not update automatically.

EgoSecure Server

  • The Data compression library zlib updated to version 1.2.12 to address vulnerability CVE-2018-25032.
  • An issue where the EgoSecure Server crashed due to connections problems to SQL Server.
  • An issue where large log files (5 GB+) could not be opened or unpacked after a compression from Console. 
  • An issue where during a full synchronization using the AdminTool command only the last via Console synced object was synchronized.
  • An issue where logs from another computer were mistakenly compressed due to identical IP addresses. 

Full Disk Encryption

  • The Generate TPM-based key encryption key (TKEK) option added to the Full Disk Encryption tab. 
  • The Use alternate loader option added to the Full Disk Encryption tab.
  • Multiselect is now supported for FDE configuration profiles.

Network Share Encryption

  • Now it is possible to repeat the decryption for failed network folders.
  • Displaying of new errors during network encryption under Product settings » Encryption » Network share (Status) was implemented.
  • An issue where a network folder re-encrypted with new individual key every time.
  • An issue where a network folder could not be deleted.
  • An issue that initiated encryption after modifying the Rescan check box.
  • An issue where the re-encryption of an individual folder did not start till reboot.
  • An issue where accessing encrypted Office files (*.xls) on a network share resulted in error messages in Cryption Informer.
  • An issue where a nullified fetrailer.metadata was protected.

Permanent Encryption

  • The certificates from the Other people store can now also be selected for Permanent Encryption.
  • An issue where CryptionInformer crashed when encrypting folders permanently.

Secure Audit

  • The list of audited network shares can now be configured.




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