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For details about system requirements, see the article Software and hardware requirements.

For details about installation and update setup, see the article Installation and Update.

Access Control

  • An issue where Adobe files failed to open on a network share.

Application Control

  • An issue where automatically generated JavaScripts of a whitelisted application where blocked.


  • Added revision records when admin changes the list of network login exclusions.
  • The support of Avira Antivirus product discontinued.
  • Forbid file execute access on storage option renamed to Forbid file execute access on external storage.
  • Possibility to navigate to not visible sections in minimized console view (via clicking Restore Down).
  • The Install certificate option was removed from the context menu on computers without Agents under Installation » EgoSecure Agents » Install/Update.
  • The input limit in the Search field was changed from 14 to 256 characters. 
  • The Copy CryptionMobile.exe to external storage only after user writes or modifies data there option was renamed.
  • Support for path length of more than 256 characters was added for the Browse for folder dialog.
  • Column sorting improved.
  • An issue where login info for an unknown user was not refreshed automatically under Installation » EgoSecure Agents » Install\Update.
  • An issue where wrong error entry appeared under Reports » General » Revision after console login as an administrator.
  • An issue with an incorrect displaying of computer devices.

Data Loss prevention

  • Revision for Product settings » DLP was implemented.
  • An issue where wrong remote task status was received when restoring from the DLP quarantine failed.
  • An issue where Console crashed without an error message when adding an expression to a filter under Product settings » DLP » Lexical expressions.

EgoSecure Agent

  • HighContrast Theme was integrated in EgoSecure Tray.
  • Full EgoSecure Tray interface visibility for low resouliton provided.
  • Compatibility with screen readers added.
  • The switch Turn off notifications for current session was changed to buttons Pause and Resume.
  • Keyboard navigation improved.
  • File\application properties are now displayed in the screen center instead of being opened behind the pop-up.
  • Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Chinese are now temporarily disabled, Czech and French were supplemented.
  • An issue where software distribution (DSM) did not work after updating to
  • An issue where the database server was not accessible since installing the Agent of version

EgoSecure Antivirus

  • Revision for Product settings » Antivirus was implemented.
  • New header for EgoSecure Antivirus pop-up: EgoSecure Antivirus instead of EgoSecure Agent by Matrix42.
  • Under Computer management » Antivirus » Scans, the Filter drop-down was renamed to Status and the dialog bar was enhanced.
  • An issue where folders with AV\ATC signatures were not deleted during antivirus deinstallation. 
  • An issue where EgoSecure Antivirus was not managed from Windows Security Center.


  • New menu option if the number of group keys for encryption doesn't fit the dialog height.
  • An issue with empty long file path in pop-ups.

full Disk Encryption

  • Changed a way for an automatic activation of profiles: now if FDE is activated automatically, the default profile is applied. If there is no assigned profile and FDE is activated manually, there appears a message for selecting a profile.

Insight Analysis

  • Certificate was added to Insight as a separate encryption type.

Intellact Automation

  • The Access denied (AC) and Access denied (APC) rules are now available in the list of client rules without SA license. 

Network Share Encryption

  • New tab Network share added under Product settings » Encryption.
  • The unclear error message Two revision levels not compatible was modified.
  • An issue with performance problems when copying to an encrypted network share.
  • An issue where all groups where available for encryption even if a user was not a member of these groups.

Permanent Encryption

  • Additional options Yes for all and No for all in the query about replacing PE files were added.

Secure Audit

  • An issue where audit data were not displayed due to incorrect search through the directory tree.


  • Integrated new toolkit version 20.0.
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