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Database Creation

Applies for EMv6 & EMv7


The database of the SCCM server can also be used for the EM. If you do so, you must comply with respective SQL Server licensing conditions.
In case licensing terms specify the exclusive usage with an SCCM Server, usage for an additional database for the EM is not permitted.

The database for the EM is created during Enterprise Manager setup. If you don't want to do so (for instance, due to required rights and permissions), it is also possible to create the database manually.

A new database is configured directly via SQL Management Studio. Open the context menu and select "New Database".

You are free to select any name for the database and the database files. For an environment with 1000 clients, the initial size will be 50 MB, and transaction logs will be assigned a fifth of this size. If you want to increase the size of transaction logs and database files, you can increase the value by 10%.

Then you must define an SQL user to be used for access to the database, which can also be done via the context menu.

When you assign user name and password, please ensure that the "Enforce password policy" option is disabled and the "Default Database" is set to the database you have created before.

Now go to the "User Mappings" page to set the rights for the user.

The new user needs "db_owner" permissions for the EM database.

It is not possible to use Windows authentication for the EM database. You must enable SQL authentication in the server security settings.

To change the security settings of SQL server, please open the SQL Server properties.

Enable the mixed mode in the security settings.

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