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Installation EM Agent (Silent)

Applies to EMv6 & EMv7


The Enterprise Manager Agent can be installed in the background with the following parameters.

msiexec /i 'Matrix42 Enterprise Manager Agent.msi' /quiet EMSERVER=<servername> EMPORT=<port> RESETTASKS=1 OSD=1 START=1 INSTALLFOLDER=<Installpath>


(mandatory, no default)

Has to be a valid name of an Enterprise Manager Server



EMv6: default 9001,

EMv7: default 9010)

The connection port to the EM Server (valid values: 1024 thru 65535)


(optional, default 0)

Indicates if all tasks of the computer should reseted in the server. 0 = no, 1 = yes

This is only for EM Push and Massrollout Taks, NO OSD!


(optional, default 0)

Indicates if the installation is during OSD. 0 = no, 1 = yes (Higher Priority than START)

1 (YES): The local System gets a File (<Installationsverzeichnis>\Settings\OsdEnabled.txt). This File is a Signal for the Agent, that the Agent downloads the OSD Task and excecute it


(optional, default 1)

Indicates if the agent should start after installation. 0 = no , 1 = yes



Here the Agent will be installed (valid values: any valid installation path),

default: "%ProgramFiles%\Matrix42\Matrix42 Enterprise Manager Agent"

 Correct parameter usage is tested as launch condition within the msi - so an empty server name or an invalid
port selection will stop the installation from working!


msiexec /x 'Matrix42 Enterprise Manager Agent.msi' /quiet


To create a full functional EM Agent installation is a prerequisite that has to be fulfilled and installed prior to the agent installation:

  • For EMv6: .NET Framework 4 and Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010 Redistributable Setup (x64 or x86 version, depending on machine where to install the agent on)
  • For EMv7: .NET Framework 4.6 und Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010 Redistributable Setup


Standard msi options like /log <logfile> or /l*v <logfile> still apply!

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