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Identity Provider Integration II: Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory

For the SAML2 usage with Azure Active Directory you’ll need to configure your Azure Tenant. Login to your as an administrator and perform the following steps:

  • Navigate to Azure Active Directory
  • Navigate to Enterprise Applications
  • Click +New application
  • Search for Silverback
  • Select Silverback
  • Click Add
  • Wait until the application will be opened
  • Click Get started on Setup single sign on
  • Select SAML
  • Click the Edit Button for Basic SAML Configuration
  • Enter as Identifier your Silverback URL without https (e.g. - ignore in case the pattern example
  • Enter as Reply URL your Silverback URL in the following format:
  • Enter as Sign on URL your Silverback URL in the following format
  • Click Save
  • Click X to Close
  • Select No, I'll test later
  • Copy the App Federation Metadata to your Clipboard (Click to Copy)
  • Navigate to Users and groups 
  • Click Add User
  • Select all Users and Groups you want to grant access
  • Click Assign
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