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Windows 10 Guide II: Connect a device

Windows 10 Enrollment

Web Enrollment

Has been the most common setup for Windows 10, but is currently in process of  a shift to Windows 10 Autopilot. The following Guide will proceed with this Management Option in order to the target of Getting Started Guides. Please note that users needs to have administrative rights to enroll devices into Silverback.

Proceed with Create One Time Password

Windows 10 Azure Active Directory Join

In Windows 10, an Azure AD user account is called a Work or school account. It is a so called organizational account provided with  Office 365 or Microsoft 365. With this functionality users are able to join from their Out-of-the-Box experience with their corporate account into the Management System. These devices will be joined hybrid in Azure Active Directory and into Silverback

Check our Azure Active Directory Integration for further information

Windows 10 Autopilot

Windows 10 Autopilot will join devices as well hybrid in Azure Active Directory and into Silverback, but these devices can be pre-assigned to the organization by your hardware vendor or for testing purpose by yourself.  A shipped device will start the Out-of-the-Box experience and users will be invited with a customized setup process. 

Check our Azure Active Directory Integration for further information

Create One Time Password

  • Open Edge on your Windows 10 device
  • Navigate to your Silverback Server URL (e.g.
  • Enter your username and password 
  • Tap Sign In
  • Enter a Phone Number (optional)
  • Select your ownership (optional) 
  • Accept Terms and Conditions (optional)
  • Click Start
  • A new webpage will be shown with the  private and duration limited one time password.

Keep this password in mind, it will be needed again after a couple of steps

  • Click on the link
  • If you receive the pop-up “Did you mean to switch apps” proceed with Yes


  • Enter in the next screen the E-Mail address, which matches the E-Mail address information in the created local user account and proceed with Next.
  • Depending on your Windows 10 Version It might be that you will be forwarded to one screen before. In this case just click on Connect
  • In the next screen enter your Silverback URL without https://
  • Enter your One Time Password
  • To proceed click Enroll
  • Wait a couple of seconds before the next screen appears
  • By clicking Got it, the device enrollment will be finished.

Verify the Enrollment

  • To verify if the enrollment has been successful, click on the Windows Icon on the left bottom and open settings on the left pane.
  • Navigate to Accounts.
  • Navigate to Access work or school
  • Check the Connected to information.
  • This shows the connection to Silverback

Next Steps

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