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Inject drivers into a boot configuration

Some deployment scenarios may require another approach to deploying certain drivers.

Some devices need to be fully initialized before Windows HAL, devices like some docking stations that support mac address pass through as an example.

To allow an easy and comprehensive method of addressing such scenarios, WinPE based deployment by Matrix42 offers now the option to declare driver packages that are to be injected into the boot image.

In the following, short, step-by step guide we will add an exemplary driver to be injected into the boot-image.

  1. We create a new boot configuration.
  2. Switch to advanced properties.


Note that the user interface has changed slightly.

We will go into details once we added the drivers.

  1. Now add a driver to the boot configuration by clicking on the clipboard_e0a8eaa02288e93113e3b1596b0875a12.png icon below the driver list and selecting the desired driver.

Added drivers can now be deleted by clicking the recycle bin icon on the right side of the driver list.


A driver was added to the boot image, in this case a VMware VMCIBusDevice driver.


This driver is marked as "Inject Driver" type and will be injected into the boot configuration afterwards.

Another driver has also been added, in this case a PVSCSI driver, to show the visual difference between the two driver integration options.

Note that per default, a driver that is newly added will be declared a "Driver Folder" type driver, meaning that the driver will be loaded into WinPE during the runtime.

To change the Type of the driver, click on the list item, that will bring up a pulldown menu, where you can change the driver Type for this specific boot image.


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