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HowTo: Configuring an Offline Subdepot Server for OS Deployment


To use the OS Deployment with Client Management (Empirum) SaaS, a subdepot is required in the customer network. This document describes the necessary steps to set up and configure a subdepot for successful communication with the SaaS service.

Deploy the Subdepot

Here the necessary steps are explained to configure a server that is located in your LAN to an Empirum Offline Depot Server.

Create Agent Template

  1. Start the Matrix42 Management Console via the link ( provided to you.
  2. In the navigation bar, switch to Configuration > Software Management > Register Empirum Agent tab.
  3. Enter (optionally) a description.
  4. Switch to General Settings.
    Enter your fallback server (
    Enable the HTTPS option (checked) and disable the SMB option (unchecked).
    All other options can be customized "optionally" according to your requirements.
  5. The options in the Software Depot and AgentUI area can be customized according to your requirements.
  6. On the File menu, click Save.
  7. Enter a name for this agent configuration and click Save.
    The Empirum Agent template has been created and can later be assigned to a configuration group.

Create Variable Configurations

  1. Switch to Variable Configurations in the tree on the left.
  2. Create a variable configuration for each of the following variable sets:
      Enter the correct values of the variables for your environment, this concerns in particular
      Enter the correct values of the variables for your environment.
      Click on the button for the respective scheduler entry Scheduler.gif, optionally change the default values and confirm each with OK.
      The variable configurations have been created and can later be assigned to a configuration group.

Create a configuration group

  1. Create a new computer object for the Empirum Offline Depot Server (in this example CLOUD-DEPOT).
    It is important that the Computer role "Empirum Depot Server" is activated under Computer type (check mark)! The specification of the UUID is optional.
  2. After all the information has been entered, click OK.
  3. Double click on the computer you just created (in the Not Assigned Computers filter). Check if your Master Server (Empirum000) is entered in the Empirum Server tab under Assigned Empirum Servers.
  4. Create a new configuration group in the middle tree, e.g. DepotServer.
  5. Add the computer you just created to this configuration group.
  6. Add the previously created variable configurations to this configuration group.
  7. Add at least the following software packages to this configuration group:
    • Empirumm Subdepot
    • Empirumm Subdepot PXE Service
    • Matrix42 UEM Agent Windows
  8. Activate the computer (PULL via DDS/DDC (software packages only).
    Your configuration group now looks something like this:

Install Matrix42 UEM Agent

Now the current UEM Agent must be installed on the server configured as the CLOUD Offline Depot Server (Matrix42 UEM Agent 2108.1.2 Standard Feature Release x64 is used for this example).

  1. Download the latest UEM agent from the Matrix42 Marketplace.
  2. Unzip the UEM Agent you just downloaded to a local directory (e.g. D:\Temp\UEM-Agent).
  3. Change to the directory ".\Empirum\Configurator\Packages\Matrix42\UEM Agent Windows\MSI\2108.1.2\" and double-click the file "Matrix42 UEM Agent 2108.1.2 Standard Feature Release Setup 64bit.MSI".
  4. Click Next.
  5. Read the "End-User License Agreement". If you agree, place a check mark in front of "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" and click Next.
    You will be prompted for the "Agent Connection Settings".
    • Protocol:                        https
    • Server:                
    • Port:                              443
    • User:                             .\DepotUser
    • Encrypted Password:   <Password AES256-ecrypted with EmpCrypt.exe> (EmpCrypt.exe /aes256 <password>)
  6. Answer Yes to the question "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?".
  7. Click Finish to exit the setup wizard.
  8. Perform a restart of the server.


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