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Endpoint Protection IV: Threat Detection

Threat Detection

Threat Detection is available in Secure Unified Endpoint Management and whenever a device is protected by the Microsoft Defender and a threat is reported, the following information is displayed under Endpoint Protection > Threat Detection: 

Information Description
Threat ID Displays the ID of a threat that has been detected by Windows Defender.
Name Displays the name of the specific threat.
URL Provides a URL link for additional threat information.

Displays on of the following the severity level

  • Unknown
  • Low
  • Moderate
  • High
  • Severe
Category Displays the correspondng Threat category for the detected threat. Please review the full list here: Defender CSP
Detections Displays the number of times this threat has been detected on a particular client.


By selecting the Threat Detection navigation item, a list of detected threats is displayed.



By selecting a Thread, a list of affected computers with the initial detection time, last threat status change and current status is shown. 


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