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UEM Agent II: Prepare Automatic Assignments


Before you configure and deploy the UEM Agent to your devices, we recommend to perform the following steps to automate tasks in Empirum for assigning new incoming devices to the right assignment groups that contains the desired Agent Template. Without the preparation, devices that will install the UEM Agent and connect to Empirum will appear in the Not assigned Computers container and must be manually assigned to the specific Assignment Groups before activating the computer objects. To automate this process, we will create an assignment group, assign an Agent Template and define Filters and Filter actions for the automatic assignment and activation process. During this guide we will demonstrate the easiest way to automate this process. You have the possibility to extend or refine the filters and filter actions and depending on whether you want to distribute the agent to Windows 10/11 devices and/or macOS devices, you have the possibility to use separate assignment groups and filters or filter actions. 

Empirum Management Console 

  • Open Empirum Management Console 
    • e.g. Matrix42 Management Console (EMC)
    • or Empirum Web Console  (EWC)
  • Login with your Administrative credentials

Create Assignment Groups

  • Right click Assignment Groups
  • Select New Group
  • Enter a name, e.g. Matrix42 Co-Management
  • Enter a description
  • Click Finish 

If you have macOS and Windows 10/11 devices in use, you can also create two assignment groups at this point.

Assign Agent Template

  • Assign an Agent Template to the previously created Assignment Group
  • Assign additional packages (optional)

Create Filter 

  • Right Click Computers
  • Select Filter 
    • Add a Filter Name
    • Add a description
    • Under assigned select not assigned 
    • Select as Table Computer 
    • Select Parameters Computer Name 
    • Select as Critical LIKE 
    • Select as Value Desktop-X
    • "Computer name like %"
  • Press Ok to Save

You can also use other filters with naming rules for assignment to different groups. To split Windows and macOS as an example use OSType = Windows Workstation or Mac OS X Workstation.

Create Filter Actions 

  • Perform a right click on your previously created filter 
  • Select Filter Actions
  • Click + New
    • Add a Name
    • Add a Description
    • Press Next
    • Select Assign non-assigned computers to an assignment group 
    • Enable Only for new objects
  • Click Next 
  • Select your previously created assignment group 
  • Enable Activate
  • Click Next
  • Click Next
  • Select Recurring and define a daily frequency 
  • Click OK
  • Click Finish 
  • Close with OK 
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