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Lock product fields and allow vendor to edit his published add-ons


Use the section below to describe in detail the product feature. Additional paragraphs can describe what you do with the feature, what it cannot do (within reason), in what situations you would use it, and why it is important. A diagram can show relationships and connections better than text, so you may want to include pictorial conceptual info as well. Examples may illustrate a concept also. Notes or tips about a feature can be useful, such as a tip for a user who is accustomed to another, similar product, or an older version of a feature.

1. What is this help file about?

This helpfile is designed to provide guidance on two primary features within the Matrix42 Marketplace website:

  1. The limitation of the overall available fields for more straightforward navigation.
  2. The introduction of a field limitation feature for vendors with a specific role.

2. What is the field visibility feature?

In the Matrix42 Marketplace, we've optimized the user experience by limiting the overall available fields. This decision is aimed at providing users with a cleaner interface where they can navigate more effortlessly through fields that matter most.

While it may seem as though options have been reduced, this is purely a user interface optimization. All necessary functionalities remain intact, and the field adjustments cater to any user type, irrespective of their role.

3. What is the field limitation feature about?

The field limitation feature focuses on creating a more controlled environment for vendors on the Matrix42 Marketplace. Specifically, it affects vendors with the role wc_product_vendors_manager_vendor.

When this feature is enabled:

  • Vendors can only view most fields in a read-only mode, ensuring consistency in the product listings.
  • Administrators and shop managers maintain the ability to edit these fields, offering an added layer of quality control.
  • Additionally, a new backend field named "Allow Vendor Editing until" has been introduced for administrators. This field provides a date setting, allowing admins to specify how long vendors can edit a product.
  • It's worth noting that this limitation applies solely to published products. Vendors can edit drafts and private products without restrictions.

The selected Date is local german time.

3.1 How can a vendor edit his addons?

Before the vendor is able to proceed with editing his add-ons, he should request the removal of the limitation by the marketplace team. Please send an email to and describe all the planned changes (e.g. price change from x to y, description, product type, license metric etc.).

The marketplace will set the accorded time in the field "Allow Vendor Editing until" and inform the vendor about the time frame where the product is editable.


The selected Date is local german time.

After editing the responsible marketplace team member will copy the link in the field "Product pricelist Excel file" and inform the Sales Administration team (


Following information should be provided in the email:

  • Name of the Vendor
  • Name and SKU of the affected add-on
  • Kind of changes
  • Product pricelist Excel url

3.2 How to set the field limitation feature to allow vendor product editing?

This can be only performed by members of the Matrix42 Marketplace team

  1. Log in to your administrator account on the Matrix42 Marketplace.
  2. Navigate to the desired product within the backend.
  3. Open the product of your choice.
  4. Look for the "Allow Vendor Editing until" field.
  5. Set the desired date by selecting it from the calendar dropdown. This date will determine the period until which the vendor can make changes to the product.
  6. Save the changes. Once saved, the vendor will have editing permissions for the product until the specified date.

3.2 How to remove the limitation feature (by removing the value from the "Allow Vendor Editing until" setting)?

This can be only performed by members of the Matrix42 Marketplace team

  1. Access the backend of the Matrix42 Marketplace with your administrator credentials.
  2. Locate the product you wish to adjust.
  3. Find the "Allow Vendor Editing until" field.
  4. Clear the date value set in this field.
  5. Save your changes. With this, you've effectively removed the editing time restriction, and the product will return to its default state of read-only for vendors (for published products). If the future date was passed, it is also considered non-editable.

We hope this helpfile aids in navigating and utilizing the features available on the Matrix42 Marketplace. If further assistance is needed, please reach out to our support team.

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