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WAI-ARIA Support


WAI-ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) defines a way to make Web application more accessible to people with disabilities. 


Tested on Internet Explorer 11 with JAWS Screen-Reader version 2019.1903.

As a rule, JAWS works in `Virtual PC Cursor mode` by default. Press "Esc" to enter this mode.

Application consists of 3 areas referred to in the Matrix42 platform as regions:

  1. Header (Banner)
  2. Navigation
  3. Main

It is possible to switch between these regions by pressing "R":


On page loading, JAWS starts reading everything. To stop it press "Ctrl".

 Within the same region, "Tab" allows you to jump forwards, "Shift+Tab" backward.

Common use cases

Switch to another application

  • press "R" until JAWS reads "Wrapping to top: Logo, Banner." (we are in the Header region);
  • press "Tab" until JAWS reads "Switch to another application button";
  • press "Enter" or "Space" to open the applications menu;
  • press "Tab" / "Shift+Tab" or "Arrow Down" / "Arrow Up" until JAWS reads the title of the needed application (e.g.: "Service Desk");
  • press "Enter" or "Space" to select it.

Browse through Navigation

  • press "Ctrl" to stop reading everything;
  • press "R" until JAWS reads "Navigation";
  • press "Tab" / "Shift+Tab" or "Arrow Down" / "Arrow Up" until JAWS reads the needed navigation item (e.g.: "Incidents link");
  • press "Enter" or "Space" to select it.

 Explore Search-Page Grid

  • press "T" to jump to the Grid;
  • press "Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Left / Right" to browse through Grid-headers until JAWS reads the needed column title (e.g.: "Summary column 2");
  • press "Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Down / Up" to read cells under this Column-header until JAWS reads the needed cell value;
  • press "Enter" to open Details dialog of a corresponding grid row.
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