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Landing Page

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A Landing Page is as a web page that explains the product or service offer and places visual emphasis on the value of the product or service presented. Landing Pages usually contain clear, concise, and action oriented headlines followed by clear and concise paragraphs reinforced with visuals, such as graphs and images. Below is a sample Landing Page created with the help of the Solution Builder.


Creating a Landing Page

To create a Landing Page, in Administration, under User Interface > Layouts:
  • Select "Landing Pages" and click the FAB button located in the bottom right-hand corner of the grid.
  • Fill out and save the dialog that appears. In the dialog, select the "Enable Personalization" checkbox to allow end users to configure the Landing Page - hide entities, such as graphs and charts, from or add them back to the Landing Page - directly from the UI.

    TIP: Users can open the Configuration Dashboard with all the entities that can be added to the Landing Page with a mere click of the Configure button located in the bottom right-hand corner of the Landing Page and then add the entities to the Landing Page by clicking the + button next to those entities in the Configuration Dashboard.


  • Design the look and feel of the new Landing Page in the Layout Designer that opens in a new tab once you provide all the required data and click SAVE or DONE in the New Landing Page Creation dialog.

    In the right-hand panel of the Layout Designer, open the Toolbox by clicking the Toolbox (Wrench) icon, locate the controls you need under the available categories - Literals, Controls, Layout, Image Controls, Grid Controls, and Charts - and then drag-and-drop the selected entities onto the canvas, into the desired location.

    You can also switch to the Data Model view in the right-hand panel by clicking the Data Model icon located in its rightmost part, at the top, right below the Wrench icon, click the +ADD SOURCE button at the very bottom of the right-hand panel and create a new Source Configuration from a Service Operation, Entity, Data Definition, or Data Query. Once you add a Configuration Source by filling out and saving the Add New Source dialog, you can use the data from the new source in the Landing Page you are building. Just drag the data from the right-hand panel and drop it onto the canvas to add fields and other controls to the dialog, exactly where you need them. Once you drag and drop an attribute or relation onto the canvas, select the type of the control from the list of available options that appears. The new entity will be added to the canvas. You can now set properties for the newly added attribute or relation in the Layout Container that opens up in the right-hand panel.

    When done designing the layout, click the "Save & Close" button located in the Main Toolbar at the top of the screen.

    TIP: You can open an entity in the Layout Designer at a later point in time by clicking …MORE > CUSTOMIZE in the toolbar of the entity’s Preview dialog. Once you open an entity in the Layout Designer, you can make changes to the layout of this entity by rearranging the data on the canvas, modifying its look and feel, removing the attributes and relations from the canvas and adding new ones from the right-hand panel.
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