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Non Visual Controls: Message

Managing warnings, errors and info messages in the applications. Message settings and usage examples.


A Message is a text that is displayed to describe an issue that occurred, a warning or a notification. 

The Message is considered as a non-visual control of the Layout Designer as it is shown only when the certain conditions are met:



Message types

Matrix42 platform allows configuring 3 types of messages:

  • Info
  • Warning
  • Error

The applications also have non-customizable default error messages.


The background colors used for Warning, Info and Error messages depend on the Theme settings of the application. 

See Administration application → User Interface menu → Themes → edit Warning color/Info color/Error color in the Other color tab of the currently applied Theme.

Supported Layout types

The system has the following Layout types with default-enabled Message control:

For the most up-to-date information see Administration application → User Interface → Control DescriptorsMessage settings.


The edited layout can hold as many messages of any types as you need. 

Message configuration

Message settings are applied for the whole layout, therefore, it will be displayed on all views or so-called tabs of the layout.

To configure a Message:

  1. Customize a layout in Layout Designer
  2. In Toolbox find Non-visual controls;
  3. Select Message and drag&drop the control on the layout canvas;
  4. Configure Message properties to apply the settings for the entire layout:

Properties and settings 

Property group Property name Description


Is Active

the field value defines whether the message is shown to the end-users of the edited layout.

The field accepts boolean data type from the following sources:

  • Model: suggests fields from the data model of the edited layout. Choose the field value from the suggested list or add a new calculated field property which results in true or false statement;
  • Static value checkbox options:
    • disabled: the message is never shown on the layout;
    • selected: the message is always displayed.


the field for the text displayed in the message. Possible data sources:

  • static value: manually entered text;
  • localizable: displayed in the message text can be set per each available in the system locale. Localizable data is retrieved from the specified data model field and shows appropriate text according to the current user's language specified in the user profile settings;
  • model: displayed data is retrieved from a specified data model field.

Message type


Information message provides additional tips or calls to action without blocking any functionality of the page:  


Info messages have an informative purpose only and do not require any mandatory actions from its users. 


Warning message alerts users of a condition that might cause a problem in the future and is intended to prompt a solution or suggest a call to action, however, the page functionality is not blocked and the suggested actions are not mandatory:


Error message informs users of an occurred problem and is intended to provide a solution on how to fix this problem. Error message disables "Save" and "Done" buttons of the layout and the user cannot proceed to the next step or save the changes unless a required by the message action or change is performed:


Default error message

Error message text for required fields of the layout is provided in the application by default:


The default error message does not require any additional manual setup and is shown when the field is marked as Required in the Layout Designer properties. 


automatically generated name or identifier of the configured for the layout message. 

Assign Button

Button Label

Text of the button. Can be set via one of the following options:

  • ❌ not selected: button is not displayed in the message;
  • static value: manually entered text;
  • localizable:  button text is specified per each available in the system locale. Shows appropriate localized  text according to the currently selected by the user language profile settings;
  • model: displayed data is retrieved from a specified data model field.


For proper functioning of the Assign Button it is also necessary to configure the Assign From and Assign To fields.

Assign To

Used as a data target: defines the field where the data is saved when a user clicks the assign button displayed in the message.

Select a field from the suggested data model sources or configure new calculated property if necessary.

Assign From

Data source for the clicked assign button.

Select a field from the suggested data model sources or configure new calculated property with specified conditions as Javascript expression if necessary.


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